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Meet Coach Nearby Mark Swain in Bountiful UT

Mark Swain

Bountiful, Utah, UT

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Contact Information

Bountiful, Utah, UT
United States

About Mark Swain

Mark’s passion has always been in living life to the fullest—and empowering others to do the same! He has been called a Renaissance man/polymath because of his many and varied interests. In fact, during Mark’s first job after university, he was identified as the “most interesting employee” by his colleagues at AT&T, and a newspaper article was written detailing his many interests.

For the past 30 years, Mark has worked as a career/life coach, professional speaker, and workshop facilitator.

Mark has authored over 20 professional development programs. Some of his programs have been licensed to other organizations—including training companies—to use and market under their individual banners. He has also authored two books and hundreds of articles and customized speeches on a wide variety of subjects.

Major training companies (Day-Timer, Shipley Associates, Franklin Covey, Lee Hecht Harrison, etc.) have recruited Mark to teach their courses, deliver speeches, coach, and develop new courses.

Years ago, Mark was elected by his peers to serve a term as President of the Utah Chapter of the National Speakers Association. He was also an award-winning speaker with Toastmasters.

Mark has taught at, and presented for, major universities (Clemson University, George Mason University, University of Utah, etc.) on various subjects including writing, creativity and innovation, kaleidoscopes, interpersonal communication, art, and astronomy.

Through his company, Daily Renaissance, Mark offers life coaching, career coaching, resume services, and workshops and presentations on a wide variety of subjects