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Letroy Woods

Clearfield, Utah, 84015

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Clearfield, Utah, 84015
United States

About Letroy Woods

"What if I were to tell you that you can make your body do what your mind tells it? What would your life look like?"

Your life may be right where you want it to be, but for me I had to learn things the hard way. The life I had chosen may ring a bell and hit home. "My job was a disappointment; there was a disconnect between myself and others; my marriage was in danger of divorce; my finances were leading towards bankruptcy, and I hated myself."

Faith is required and a prerequisite to believe in something we physically cannot see, but know to be true. We have faculties, which are the Powers of the Mind. These powers have given numerous people over time their hearts desires. We have forgotten what these faculties are and how to use them. These powers would include: the imagination, self-suggestion, creativity, belief, will, and visualization to name a few.
Their are ideas in our head that are stopping us from living. Beliefs that are hurting us without our knowledge. Do you want to find out who you are and what you are capable of? The Future is Today, in this very moment as we speak. Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow may never show up. Time may be running out for you and me my friend! Do you have the courage to save your life?

I am looking for clients who are serious about wanting to experience a life beyond what their current level of thinking can imagine. A life where you are happy for no reason, a life where you are excited to wake up everyday, a life where you live out your desires because you believe a life of abundance is waiting for you.

Would you like my help? It sounds like my experience could really help you meet your specific goals and eliminate the suffering you are going through. Would you like to get started today?

Contact me for a free one hour consultation. If I am that person for you, we will proceed in making your life amazing.