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Ben Brown

Salt Lake City, 84117

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Salt Lake City, 84117

About Ben Brown

My name is Ben Brown.

As someone who was born 3 months early in 1980, and who, statistically- speaking, shouldn’t be here, I have always searched my soul for the reason “WHY?” I have known since an early age that my “WHY” was to “serve others”, whatever that was supposed to look like. After receiving my Bachelor’s of Science in Conflict Management, I’ve found myself in the health and human services industry for over 20 years!
As a Clinically Informed Life Coach, I coach adults whose internal blockages are keeping them stuck. Do any of the following negative statements play in your head? “I’ve tried every diet and I still can’t lose weight.” ”I’m not educated enough.” “I don’t deserve it.” If you have unhealthy thoughts in your head that keep you stuck, I can teach you how to rewire these into empowering internal statements to help you get the results you deserve!

My approach to relationship coaching is unique. I don’t just work with both partners as a couple, but as individuals as well! Its important that both parties get individual coaching “outside” of the relationship as well as “within” the relationship! As a result, they find that they are able to communicate in a clearer way than they ever could before moving through my coaching processes.

When working with families as a Family Dynamics Coach, my approach has a superior track record of getting results for families that have struggled for years. Do you have an adolescent teen or young adult or even an adult offspring that you don’t see eye to eye with? Are you craving that healthy dynamic between you and your son or daughter? I can help you create the family relationships you’ve always dreamed were possible.

Whether your seeking assistance in the relationship with yourself, your partner or the relationships within your family, I can help you!

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