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Katherine Lia Cantwell

Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City

About Katherine Lia Cantwell

Empathetic, intuitive and deeply caring Behavior Health/Certified NLP Life Coach blending extensive knowledge in emotional wellness, neuroscience, health and psychology seeks a dynamic company with a positive mission to help people create positive change for a better quality of life that is happier and healthier. Very passionate to being of service to others. Open minded to integrative, holistic, scientifically evidence based approaches. A very coachable team player. Experienced in teaching behavior change strategies in remote behavioral mental health and wellness programs based in research and cutting edge science. 

Emphasizing personal motivation to improve behaviors, health education, increase focus and awareness. Extremely passionate and committed when directly or indirectly helping others modify lifestyle behaviors, prevent disease, promote health, create long-term behavior change as a process with the importance of integration. Motivational interviewing with an expert ability to engage members in a collaborative relationship. 

PQ-Positive Intelligence Coach as a Personal Mind Fitness Trainer, IFS training, Voice Dialog, Body Wisdom, a Certified Habit Change Practitioner in July 2020. Bridging neuroscience and psychology to powerfully creating a paradigm shift for lasting sustainable change for participants to now create from. Helps others to create new levels of awareness from which positive change can occur. 

Empowering many to manage their psycho-social, physical, emotional balance, mental and environmental health to improve and maintain their well-being. A true advocate for humanity in living a happier, healthier, whole and fulfilled life, where we all benefit from other people's well being and the positive ripple effect in our communities.
Together we are better!