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Megan Johnson

Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City

About Megan Johnson

Megan is a Certified Integral Coach and Enneagram Teacher, who holds the ACC credential through the International Coaching Foundation.  She has expertise in leadership development and human resource management.  She specializes in personal development, positive intelligence, leadership development, and the Enneagram.  She believes that life is generative with the opportunity to be creative, productive, ever-evolving, and always holds new possibilities.  Her perspective helps her clients take action and find their path forward with the understanding that awareness creates choice, and practice builds capability.  She is an active member of the non-profit group, the Enneagram Prison Project (EPP), and The Human Potentialist (THP) group which both offer learning and growth for all people utilizing the Enneagram. She recently relocated to Olympia, Washington with her husband, son, and her really old chihuahua.  She is a professional coach and consultant who has a passion for helping individuals find their inspiration and thrive in both their careers and in their personal life.