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Ted Winkworth

Salt Lake City, 84106

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Salt Lake City, 84106

About Ted Winkworth

We work people who want to do something meaningful in the world. Do you dread going to work every day? Do you know that what you’re doing isn’t making the impact you had hoped for? Are you simply feeling undervalued? This feeling of dissonance is becoming more common and it can lead to feeling like you’re sleepwalking through your own life. More and more, our clients are reporting feeling stuck and flat because they’ve been putting their time and energy into endeavors that aren’t giving them what they need.

It’s time to stop choosing the wrong thing. Our Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches, Ted Winkworth and Corinne Christopherson, provide coaching from the most proven and flexible model and coaching. Since 2018, we’ve been helping people get unstuck and rediscover excitement and passion about their lives.

We begin by helping you understand your values and your purpose. Then we work to understand the stories in your head that bring you closer to those things as well as the critical voices that pull you off track and keep you playing small. Finally, we take ACTION. The most important part of coaching isn’t talking about things, it’s moving forward on those things you know are critical to your fulfillment.

Our clients find a sense of freedom that comes from knowing themselves authentically and build the confidence to act from that place. You can rediscover passion for things you have forgotten, buried, or simply never explored. Do the work to let go of the old story and find out what you’re actually meant to do.

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