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Michael E. Walker

Vancouver, BC

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Vancouver, BC

About Michael E. Walker

Are you underwhelmed by your life? I am a Vancouver, Canada based life coach who helps my professionally successful but unsatisfied, unhappy clients, explore precisely what they now want from it, make a plan, take action and begin living extraordinary second lives.

Are you a motivated person, struggling with boredom? Have you run out of ideas? Are you afraid of what comes next, or anxious that time is running out to finally do any of the things that would make you truly happy? 

Life is far from over at middle age, but the clock is ticking. After working with me, my clients are finally off the fence, know what happiness now means to them, have a life vision and are inspired to follow through on their plans. They are calmer, happy, energized and confident knowing they are back on track and have the emotional intelligence needed to coach themselves going forward.

A middle ager myself, I was attracted to life coaching because I know, from personal experience, what it is like to wake up one day and realize your life needs to change but have no idea how to do it. I recognized how much easier it would have been with some guidance and a plan. 

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