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Xavier Monteiro


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About Xavier Monteiro

My career objective is to inspire greatness and conquer all challenges life brings our way. As an athlete and lover of life, I believe in having a positive mental attitude in everything I do. 

What we project in life is mirrored back to us. All things are energy and by striving for greatness we all can achieve things we thought were not even possible. We are limitless, we limit ourselves. All we need is belief, mental discipline and a little love. The most powerful feeling is knowing and believing in yourself and knowing that if you want something all you have to do is ask. 

Make it happen, there is no time like the present. We often tend to concentrate on our pasts or futures. There is no past or future, there is only in the present. It is not how you start the race it is how you finish. Enjoy your life and pause to be thankful for the little things and big things that you do have. 

With over 12 years of experience in a wide range of industries including financial services, B2B sales, business development, wireless services, call centre operations, sales, staff development, customer service, account management, accounts receivable and personal fitness training with the education and emphasis on nutrition and wellness. I have come to the realization that we all as people can evolve into the best versions of ourselves, with reflection and the desire to be the best at whatever we choose regardless of our occupation. 

My passion is being able to make a difference, whether it be small or of any significance. I believe knowledge is power and we can always improve ourselves as professionals and as human beings.