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Jim Koehneke

Shelburne, 05482

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Shelburne, 05482

About Jim Koehneke

Jim Koehneke has over 25 years of experience in Human Resource Development, Organization Development, and Career Management. His career has encompassed key start-up positions in motivation, management training, and employee involvement, prior to becoming a Senior Coach and Vice President of Client Services Consulting for an international career transition consulting firm.

In his early life Jim searched for meaning and purpose, frustratingly without the guidance from parents or teachers who's suggested a career direction focused on only the money aspect of work -- which did not resonate with what his soul-self was wanting. Having had no clear direction, Jim searched for his own Life Purpose, and once discovered decided to teach and coach others how to achieve greater meaning and purpose and joy in life by expressing their true authenticity.

In addition to individual coaching, Jim has served as a keynote speaker at corporate events and professional associations on such topics as “Updating Your Resume, Updating Your Life,” and “Managing the Human Side of Change.” He has self- published a number of print books, including "Creating and Living Your Purpose," "Take Charge of Your Life," and The Joy of Living. In addition, Jim’s current writings include a number of eBooks on the subject of overcoming stress.

After earning his BA degree in English from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa, Jim served as a Pilot in the United States Navy. He then went on to earn his MA degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Whitworth College in Spokane, WA, focusing on empowering individuals to align with who-they-really-are, live from Purpose, and truly love their life and work.