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Allyson Bathalon

Troy, 05868

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Troy, 05868

About Allyson Bathalon

• Are you determined to make an impact on your abillity to lead and manage others?

• Is it your greatest desire to integrate your professional obligations, yet focus on your self care initiatives?

• Do you arrive at your job each day knowing you are capable of something more?

There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people to find their voice. Helping them to take action on something that they have been too afraid to do, or believe they are not capable of. Whether it is to face a challenging situation with a member of the team they manage, or ask for a promotion. They need someone to listen and to prove to themselves that they are on the edge of something amazing.

I have been privileged enough to watch some of the most incredible managers up their game and tackle the most complex challenges. Knowing you are expected to manage a team through the roughest of waters is never easy, and when you feel like you are on display for the world to see, it feels impossible. I was coaching long before I imagined it could be my full time passion. Working to develop the confidence of the managers I worked with, helping them to navigate the challenges they faced while at the same time taking care of themselves has brought more joy into my career than I ever knew possible. I have developed strong relationships among those I work with, helping them to develop their management and leadership styles. By helping to bolster their confidence, I am able to gently guide them into taking steps they didn't believe themselves possible of taking.

I will work with you to find your passion, improve your leadership skills and gain the respect of your team. Hiring me as your coach can lead to greater confidence, increased motivation and taking the steps toward greatness that you know you are capable of.

Empower yourself by reaching out and get started on embracing your greatest challenges.