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Coach Nathalie Chénard in Victoria

Nathalie Chénard

Victoria, QC

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Victoria, QC

About Nathalie Chénard

My ADHD diagnostic was an overdue gift. It helped me understand so much of my life and allowed me to give myself grace for things I could not control. It also helped me recognize and take full advantage of my strengths. 

It made it possible to finally listen to that yearning for change that had been growing in me for so long. I opened myself to wonder and new experiences and shed what was burdening me. It lead to my quitting a profitable IT Consulting career, to training to become an ADHD, Career & Life Coach, to selling a house I loved and to moving cities. But above all, it allowed me to embrace my values and to take control of my life.

My journey hasn’t been without issues and obstacles can still get in the way but one essential thing I have learned is that I need to be a model for my clients. In this spirit, I have embraced my non-neurotypical brain and strive to constantly grow to become the most genuine version of myself so I can live my best life.

To my clients, I seek to be an empathic presence who helps you shed the overwhelm and lack of focus and clarity so you can fully step into your dreams. Even the ones you didn’t quite know you had. Through the ADHD lens and the exercise of wonder, you may finally get to understand your beautiful uniqueness, leading you to hone in on your strengths, feeling transformed and empowered to get to the next level.

If you are ready to take a chance on yourself and would like to know more about coaching, please contact me for a Free Introduction Session 

My experience combined with my interest in people make me an excellent ADHD & Career coach for individuals trying to navigate the corporate world - and for companies who are looking to help them succeed.