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Clare Coffield

Melbourne, Victoria, VIC

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Melbourne, Victoria, VIC

About Clare Coffield

I am ideally placed to help people rebuild their life because I've done it myself. Divorced twice, lost my career job and home, moved to the other side of the world, just for starters!
Now living in Melbourne, Australia having re-located in 2011, started my own business in 2007 in my mid-fifties, happily delivering Leadership training courses and personal development coaching. I can see now how much I've learned and grown through these experiences and I'm committed to helping others create a new life full of excitement, happiness and fulfilment - and forgiveness.
I'm never judgemental: always supportive and encouraging. I can show you how to overcome your fears and take decisive actions in a step by step approach to achieve change that is lasting.
Fully qualified in Coaching and Training and loving what I do.