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Helen Kosta

Melbourne, Victoria

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Melbourne, Victoria

About Helen Kosta

Are you in a Professional role who ticks all the boxes of Career Success on paper but not fulfilled and struggling with managing the stress of work and life demands?

Are you at a point in your life where you desire a change but lack the clarity and confidence to make the move and take the leap of faith to discover what else is out there for me?

As a Career and Life Coach for women in professional corporate roles, l empower them to breakthrough everyday challenges, reconnect with what makes them happy and pursue a purposeful career that makes them feel energised and fulfilled without compromising their attention to their work life balance. 

I’m a Certified Professional Life Coach & NLP Practitioner and an Entrepreneur managing several successful businesses while juggling the joys of motherhood

I have over a decade experience in the corporate world within the Banking & Finance industry and extensive experience in senior managerial and leadership roles. I’ve had the pleasure in leading and mentoring ambitious results focused individuals who have since moved into senior leadership and executive roles in their professional careers and/or pivoted in their careers to become successful entrepreneurs kicking goals every day.

Since 2016 I have the pleasure of coaching and mentoring courageous individuals who have experienced similar challenges that I have lived through and share the common desire to be fulfilled and thriving in all parts of their life. 

My Signature Coaching program helps clients get crystal clear on what their ideal career looks like and successfully transition into a role they love and feel is aligned to their values and soul. 

It never too late to late to reflect and ask yourself… 

What feeds your soul and makes you feel on top of the world? 

Are you living a purpose full life that leaves you feeling fulfilled? 

What does my ideal Career Life look like? 

What changes do I need to make now to successfully forward to where I want to be? 

I can help you gain Clarity, Confidence, and Control of where to from here & work with you to you the results you desire.

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