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Tony Cosentino

Melbourne, Victoria, VIC

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Melbourne, Victoria, VIC

About Tony Cosentino

My coaching breakthrough system helps you gain control over your life, your team, time and demands which gives you leverage over your personal and professional life. It's one of the ways I will take you out of overwhelm and stress.

We both know that it can be lonely at the top, and you need someone on your side to give you the tools and strategies to feel fulfilled, and make a massive impact on your company.

My Business Rocket Booster Coaching offers six essential steps to significantly boost the productivity and effectiveness of employees. My proven program will dramatically reduce stress and anxiety levels in the workplace, and reveal ways to create teams based on consistent solid contributions.

Within my Leadership Coaching practice, I provide the tools, strategies and mindset required to achieve the life you crave. I will help you mesh your skills and reignite your passion, to create a career pathway you love… for life. I will show you how to at last obtain a deep sense of fulfillment in whatever you do, and also untangle inner conflicts that prevent you from reaching the next level in your life and/or career.

These are some public seminars I give:
1) Find your passion, and live it!
2) Create the health and energy you deserve
3) High Performance Leadership
4) The 3 core qualities of a true leader

Finally, I been coaching many TEDx public speakers and thought leaders to give an 18 minute talk with no notes, and create real audience impact.

If you crave any of these results, please request an initial consultation.