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Meet Coach Nearby Dawn Klemann in Culpeper VA

Dawn Klemann

Culpeper, Virginia, 22701

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Culpeper, Virginia, 22701
United States

About Dawn Klemann

I consider Well Care Coaching to be an invitation. It is not a push or a pull, but a chance to find your own rhythm and harmony. Things may seem off balance or even impossible right now. I suppose that is what brought you here. And now that you are here, I suggest you consider what it might be like to have your feet planted exactly where you want them, even and especially during this time in your life. With Well Care Coaching we are partners, with you leading the dance. No longer do you have to do it alone. No longer do you have to find the beat to someone else’s song, or struggle to keep up. Whether with family, relationships, school, spirituality, health, work or play, we can work together to find just the right note.

Through the collaborative, confidential, and supportive space provided within the coaching relationship, you will come to see what’s possible. Each problem comes bearing the gift of its own solution. One step at a time. You can do this, and I can’t wait to join you.