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Sandra Panton-Foster

Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Contact Information

Fredericksburg, Virginia
United States

About Sandra Panton-Foster

Sandra is an internationally experienced youth Christian life coach, mentor, speaker, and teacher.  She has taught thousands of students in over 22 countries.  By exercising transparency about her own life experiences, she inspires youth to continue to press forward despite setbacks and difficulties in their lives. 

At the heart of her success is her ability to teach tweens and teens about the connection between negative self-talk and their stress & anxiety, low self-esteem, and poor self-image, using an easy-to-understand approach.     She teaches youth how to manage their negative self-talk, adjust their focus and mindset, and use some simple tools and techniques, which results in decreasing stress levels, increased self-esteem, optimism, confidence, and ends up revolutionizing their lives.