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Waheed Khan

Manassas, Virginia, 20109

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Manassas, Virginia, 20109
United States

About Waheed Khan

I will love helping you achieve a better version of yourself on your terms. Whether it may be a self-confidence issue, lack of motivation, or health and wellness goals, I love seeing you succeed. Coaching and motivational speaking is something that I have always been passionate about all my life. I believe in YOU! I believe that all people have different strengths and weaknesses, and you hold the powers that need ideal execution.
I have faced a lot of failures in life, from making everything from nothing to losing it all and making it back again; it was fun. I love the process. The rise from the bottom will teach you to love yourself and execute more by believing in yourself. I believe in persistence, hard work, and self-confidence. With all the hardships from childhood, coming from a strict background, studying engineering, and working in several jobs all my life, these qualities have enhanced my ability to work with different cultures, different environments, and varied careers. My goal has always been one, the path to help you find the best version of yourself. As a Student, I worked voluntarily Six years with MADA(Movement again drug and sex abuse) helping people with drug-related issues, working with child sex victims, arranging meetings with delegates, and public awareness. I have over ten Years of highly successful automotive industry experience including Sales, Marketing, Management, and Finance. I have studied the Stock Market, Companies' Financials for Several years and Work in both Growth and Value Investing. I also carry several certificates in Personal Development, Emotional healing, coaching, and public Interaction. I feel blessed for all I have, and I love giving it back to society by coaching and help you find the best within.

I have worked with several people from different professions in career, personal and business development. I have walked with them to find their direction and excited to work with you. We all learn from each other as we mo