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Are you a female heart-centered solopreneur? Managing and growing a business on your own isn't easy. That's why they call us "SOLOpreneurs."

If you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, or burned out, know that even though you may feel alone, you don't have to be.

Through my coaching and accountability programs, I support and empower heart-centered female solopreneurs by combining decades of business and coaching experience and expertise into a unique coaching model designed to meet each client exactly where she is in her journey. Many of the women I work with either have or are planning to leave their "day jobs" to pursue their passion and purpose as business owners, but are finding the transition to be more challenging than they'd thought it would be. 

Together we will honestly assess where you are and what challenges may be blocking your ability to move forward; align your values and beliefs with your vision for your business and your current lifestyle; create HEART SMART goals, design a strategic action plan; and then implement a weekly accountability framework to help you stay focused and on track.

When women work with me fully, the results they experience are: 

SELF-CONFIDENCE to be the successful entrepreneur they know they can be by leveraging their skills, strengths, talents, passions, and resources; 

CLARITY to make business and personal decisions that are aligned with their values and their life purpose; and 

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY achieved by developing habits and processes that focus on doing more of what will create momentum and progress, rather than wasting time, energy, and money on activities (and sometimes people) that drain their energy and/or keep them from reaching their full potential. 

When asked what I'm best known for, I'd have to say connecting dots to find opportunities that were previously unnoticed and identifying free or low-cost resources to meet a variety of small business needs.

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