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Helen Puente

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About Helen Puente

Relationships are incredibly important, in fact, there is not one human being out there, that isn't in a relationship, even if it is simply with yourself.

When we can identify and understand what our values are, inherited beliefs about ourselves and how to relate with one another, it is incredibly freeing. A shift takes place, from simply existing and trying every self-improvement tool on the shelf to freely enjoying relationships in every aspect of life. 

I have helped many people understand, and restructure, their self-beliefs, renew their zest for life and see marriages turn around. Where there is a desire to experience growth and transformation, together we can create a pathway for whatever situation you are in. 

I believe as you understand how you move and have your being, why you do the things you do / relate the way you do... the freedom to express yourself becomes more rewarding and the ability to silence your inner critic gets a whole lot easier. 

Relationships impact every facet of life... starting here, will improve and touch every part of your life! 

Working either on-line and in-person, the right environment for you is incredibly important and key to living beyond your current limitations, let us establish a space where you can freely express what it is you would like to see change! 

Want to know how?

Send a message today briefly outlining, what it is you would like to work on and we will look at the best way to encourage you to move forward with even greater measure than you currently are.

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