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Eloise Russo

District of Columbia, Washington, 20010

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Contact Information

District of Columbia, Washington, 20010
United States

About Eloise Russo

Hi, I'm Eloise!

I’m a Positive Psychology Coach offering executive, career, and life coaching. If you are making changes in your life or work, or are pursuing a significant goal, I think you’ll find that I have the experience and expertise to help you get where you want to go – even if you’re not sure where that is yet.

Common client goals include, I want to:
-gain clarity on my next steps
-build my leadership capacity
-effectively delegate and manage my time
-have better balance and boundaries with my work
-transition to new work or explore a career break
-move out of burnout

Prior to becoming a coach, I ran a successful nonprofit for a decade, and as Executive Director more than tripled revenue and built out programs receiving national acclaim. I’ve also run supplemental educational services, and worked in the environmental sustainability field.

I have an MBA from Boston University and a BA in Peace & Justice Studies from Tufts University. I’m trained in Negotiation and Mediation through the Harvard Program on Negotiation; and am a certified mindful yoga and meditation teacher.

My coaching draws upon my business and nonprofit experience, my education, and my expertise in Positive Psychology, a research-based branch of psychology that studies the art of thriving, resiliency, and the causes of happiness and success.

FAQ: What is your coaching philosophy?
You already have the answers and capacity within you, and my role as a coach is to support you in removing any obstacles in the way of you accessing your own internal wisdom. Key ways I do this are by providing a supportive container for deep inquiry and clarity, sharing resources and tools, and providing accountability to help you take action and achieve your goals.

I've researched many different coaching processes and have landed on a practice that employs proven research based methods. Key methods include: appreciative inquiry, solutions orientation, goal mapping, and a wholebeing focus.