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Melanie McCain

Everett, Washington, 98208

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Everett, Washington, 98208
United States

About Melanie McCain

Do you feel stuck? Unsure how to move forward? In the pain and shame of a previous relationship? Need to heal? Is someone or something holding you back? At home or at work? Do you want something different and better for yourself? Relationships are the cornerstone of life and largely dictate its quality. Improving our functioning in them, which involves healing from unhelpful childhood templates and unhealthy relationships, is imperative, and is something that can be explored and practiced a little bit each day. I am a Master's level therapist offering coaching to serve a broader base of clients. I offer client-centered, solutions-focused, collaborative coaching. I am your partner, allied with you to achieve transformative, empowering insight. Sessions provide space for exploration, education and skills teaching. They are tailored to your needs. I help you explore red and green flags by teaching you what is healthy and unhealthy and teach communication skills, navigating dating safely, and relationship skills. I have experience in narcissistic abuse, intimate partner violence, power and control tactics, and teach clients ways to protect themselves; safety planning. I also offer positive parenting strategy coaching for children of any age, partnering with you to improve one of our most sacred relationships- the relationship we have with our child/ren. Couple's coaching is also available, which can include improving an existing relationship, discernment coaching if exploring separation, or co-parenting coaching. I offer complimentary ten minute phone consultations to see if my coaching is appropriate for your needs and circumstance.
It is an honor for me to accompany you on your transformative journey. I know how hard and scary change can be and how daunting reaching out for help seems. I am committed to operating with transparency and accountability, holding myself and you to the highest standards. The coaching relationship is a safe space for healing and growth