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John Hicks

Lacey, Washington, 98503

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Contact Information

Lacey, Washington, 98503
United States

About John Hicks

John Hicks understands the pressures of high performance and overcoming struggles. He brings extensive experience in some of the most mentally and physically demanding high performance environments to his coaching process. He helps clients empower themselves through mental toughness, a winning psychology, and proven strategies that will get you results. He works with athletes, individuals, and business professionals to perform at their highest level. 

With keen insight and drawing upon his professional and personal experience, John inspires clients to unveil their innate talents and true capacity for high performance to create the success they desire.  Because everyone has a different path to mental toughness and high performance, John engages clients to discover the purpose, tools and strategies unique to their pursuit of fulfillment and results.  With a lifelong commitment to supporting others success, John inspires clients to accomplish their goals by challenging limiting beliefs, promoting a winning psychology and instilling mental toughness to succeed.