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Kelsie Michaud

Rhode Island

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Rhode Island

About Kelsie Michaud

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Hi, I'm Kelsie and I'm so glad that you landed on my page! 
I'd like to tell you why I do what I do as an emotional eating coach. 
I have been dieting since I was a teenager and have tried every quick fix known to man and woman. 
I was famous for restricting myself from all the foods I love all week long. I would think and dream of these "forbidden foods" all week until I could finally dive head first into a pizza and everything else that I'd dream about. Gorging myself all weekend until I felt sick. This viscous cycle went on for many, many years. 
While still striving to reach my goals, I became a Health & Life Coach, which has changed me both physically and mentally. I have learned so much, including a holistic approach to nutrition. 
But the miracle that happened was I that discovered that I didn't even realize I was a binge eater, even after years of being stuck in that viscous cycle. It wasn't until I finally healed myself that I realized I could help other people heal.
My life has changed massively in the last 3 years since I have stopped dieting and counting every piece of food that went into my mouth. I now eat intuitively and it has been so freeing that I can literally feel the weight lifted from my shoulders. 
Learning to feel my emotions and creating new habits has been an absolute game changer. I trust myself with food, listen to my internal cues, and eat all the foods I love while meeting my goals. 

I'll teach you all that I know because I'm living proof!
1-on-1 Private Coaching
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Also specialize in: Diabetes Health and Thyroid Health
12-Week Life Changing Programs
Create a healthy relationship with food and your health!
Kelsie -xx