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Katie Hearn Zang


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About Katie Hearn Zang

People fascinate me. I am intrigued by their stories and compelled to know who they are beneath the surface. I am keenly curious about what their heart wants, particularly as it relates to what they “do” and how they choose to contribute to the world. I believe we all have an innate drive to contribute from that place of light in us, and that we deserve to gain benefit from work that aligns with our core strengths, skills, and talents. 

I feel privileged to work with people from many different backgrounds, life circumstances, and professional industries. In my work with clients, I listen to meaningful stories, mining for the strengths embedded, identifying barriers, and partnering with clients to create and act on their particular vision for their lives. My work is informed by extensive experience in Career Counseling and Coaching, Clinical Social Worker, Strengths Identification, Mindfulness and Compassion Practices, Training Design and Facilitation, Yoga Practice and Instruction, and training in Embodied Leadership and Somatic Coaching.