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Christian Nowak

Sequim, 98382

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Sequim, 98382

About Christian Nowak

The impact of my Self-Love Program will effect your world like nothing you've ever experienced. It's based upon 10 ways to love your Self and supported by hundreds of lessons. This is the foundation of my mentoring and book.

Most people don't understand how to love themselves or others. Once we learn how to love, all we need to do is be conscious in our choices.

I also teach spirituality to interested students, which is simply making loving decisions.

I graduated from Dave Ellis’ Falling Awake Coaching School in 2002. I counsel primarlily on self-love, loving others, spirituality & addiction resolution.

My promise to you is:
I will listen to you like you’ve never been heard before.
I will see your highest good & hold it for you in times when you don’t.
I will hold you accountable for being true to your intentions, values & beliefs.
I will accept you unconditionally.
I will help you purposefully make a difference.
I will help you identify your needs to live a joy-filled life.
I will help you practice loving your self instead of using food, alcohol, TV, computer, sex, or spending to numb or feel good.
I will help you practice boundaries, forgiveness & empowering beliefs.
I will help you minimize complaining, excuses, blaming, taking things personally or feeling victimized.
I will help you to let go and trust.
I will help you love & accept yourself as you are right now.
I will help you process your emotions and determine what you need & want.
I will also teach you to love like never before so all your relations thrive.

My 59 years of life experience is vast. I'm a continual learner and a fearless entrepreneur. I grew my last company from start-up to $14,000,000/year with 100+ employees and was awarded to the Inc. 500. I raised 2 gifted sons to adulthood & built an all-solar home where I live in Colorado. I now live my higher purpose of teaching self-love through one-on-one mentoring & the book I’m writing titled "The Practice of Self-Love"