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Mariangela Maguire

Tacoma, 98406

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Tacoma, 98406

About Mariangela Maguire

Change is inevitable and often creates negative and fearful thinking that keeps us stuck in place. My coaching practice is devoted to helping individuals and groups accept the inevitability of change and find the opportunities for growth and happiness change provides. My motto is: Challenge yourself to change.

Using an inquiry process, I ask questions that help you identify the beliefs that create barriers, I challenge you to let go of those beliefs, and support you through that process. I provide one-on-one coaching where I listen deeply, offer clear feedback, and provide new perspectives.
Working with me you will
1. Identify the key beliefs that block your progress to a rewarding life.
2. Develop practices that increase calmness, clarity, and self-acceptance.
3. Maintain a level of self-awareness that allows you to accept change and make decisions, from a place of confidence and not fear.

I also work with groups and teams to help them learn how to use effective, productive, and respectful communication processes while managing change.

After earning a Ph.D. in communication studies I taught courses in interpersonal communication, group decision-making, and communication and gender for over 20 years. As a higher education leader, I worked with both individuals and groups to support them in identifying and fulfilling their goals.