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Natalie Hormann


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About Natalie Hormann

Coachess helping leaders create change for good

I provide professional coaching and training experiences for executives and people leaders at all levels of management. Due to my background in sustainability I specifically love to work with leaders in the sustainability, ESG and social justice space, leaders who hold a vision for a better way to do business and want to make a difference. 

What I can help with: 

* Increasing your confidence and assertiveness

* Growing your influence and impact within your organization and with external stakeholders

* Holistic leadership through positivity and inspiration

* Negotiation skills, navigating difficult conversations and conflict resolution

* Communication skills, relationship building and leadership skills

* Reclaiming your time through effective delegation

* Building and maintaining high performing teams 

* Thinking and acting strategically

* Work-life-balance, wellbeing and burn out

* Building your leadership brand and finding your personal purpose

* Strategic career advancement and career change

* Intercultural awareness, inclusivity and communication

* Feminine and masculine leadership styles and how to harness both

* Identifying your personal vision and values and putting them to work for you

* Overcoming procrastination, setting goals, accountability

I have a background in law (Germany) and have work experience in corporate, government, local government and the non-profit sector. I am certified in Strategic Intervention (Tony Robbins / Madanes) coaching, NLP, transformational coaching (in progress) and hold a certificate in counselling practitioner skills. I have over 5 years experience in executive, life and relationship coaching.

I am also an accredited mediator and family dispute resolution provider and a member of Resolution Institute New Zealand.

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