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Ruth Corlett


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About Ruth Corlett

14 years of experience in career coaching internationally, in both the corporate and NGO/non-profit sector.

Experienced transition coach specialising in

* global citizens and expats returning to their passport country

* migrant and former refugee workers

* midlife career change and transition

* redundancy

* return to work after a career break or burnout, building resilience

Providing in-person or virtual coaching locally and internationally

Offering an internationally recognised career assessment.

Workplace support and regular coaching are what made the difference for me between thriving and just surviving, in various challenging work roles I've had, and through three redundancies. 

After training as an internationally accredited career coach consultant, my passion is now to offer that same career coaching support to others going through career transition of any kind, either through EAP programmes, transition workshops, or individual career direction sessions, in person or by video call. 

I also offer a tool called the Natural Ability Assessment for those unsure what career type is the best fit for their ability mix. 

I love working with a diverse range of coaching clients.

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