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Sonya Davies


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About Sonya Davies

"I facilitate inquiry, inspire curiosity & challenge assumptions creating space for innovative thought & positive change"

As a leadership, career and wellbeing specialist, I coach (individuals, groups) HiPos, mid-tier to senior professionals, across start-ups, SME’s, multinational and global organizations in tech, energy, resources, consulting, financial, legal, health/pharma, public sector, higher education, leisure and hospitality, real estate, utilities, and NGO. I consciously serve across sectors, horizontally and vertically, to bring broad perspectives and system understanding to partners. 

I specialise in partnerships that focus on: sustaining executive wellbeing (lead well and be well), career transitions, achieving influence and impact in communication, developing strategic and change objectives, and navigating and solving complex problems. 

My clients describe me as a trusted strategic partner, a translator, highly intuitive, and quick to navigate complexity. 

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