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Susie Briscoe


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About Susie Briscoe

I help impact-driven leaders & executives connect with their deeper purpose, gain clarity on their next steps & make a real difference in the world

Since 2004, I’ve regularly coached and mentored clients from around the world to educate and inspire them to bring meaning into their business and personal life.

For the last 18 years I've worked with business professionals helping them get clarity on their life purpose, to live in harmony with their values and passions, and include a legacy mindset whilst continuing to build their business on solid foundations - ensuring their footprint in life is left on rock, not sand

If you are:

• Feeling like something is holding you back but you are not quite sure what it is

• Repeatedly asking yourself, ‘What do I want for my future?’… and you’re struggling to find the right answer

• Frustrated with knowing that things could be different, but not knowing how to make the change

• At a place in your life where you’ve achieved everything you thought you ever wanted but deep down you feel disconnected and unhappy

And you want to:

• Live a much fuller & meaningful life by connecting your success to your deeper purpose

• Identify your self-limiting beliefs, let go of your fear of failure and take charge of your personal and professional growth

• Make your next steps in life meaningful and exciting

• Achieve your highest ambition that aligns with your core values and purpose

• Gain a sense of purpose by repositioning your priorities

• Get unstuck, rediscover your passion, and lead a purposeful life

• Move positively towards the life you want to live and the person you want to be

Then I can help you breakthrough your own blocks, overcome your personal gremlins and become the success that your know you are meant to be.

And don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the ‘A-ha’ moments my clients have experienced:

“Susie is an optimist and lover of life. There is no 'impossible' in her vocabulary and this attitude is both infectious and inspirational. She will broaden your thinking and most importantly, you will have great fun working with her.”

“Susie's unique coaching approach and international emphasis will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone. She makes being coached a fun and creative experience.”

If you’re interested in finding your answers, getting unstuck, and making a positive purpose-driven difference in the world, then let’s have a virtual cup of coffee and see how best I can help you move forward.