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Angie Sarsons


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Helping First Nations and Aboriginal organizations build capacity for a higher level of performance

We provide highly skilled Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Wellness Workshops, Team Building, and Capacity Development Training for Indigenous communities and organizations.

What you can expect as a client

Collective Initiatives is committed to delivering coaching and training services that are facilitated through a holistic approach that honour and reflect Indigenous cultural values. We believe that each individual has inherent gifts and strengths which we will draw upon in our work together. Coaching and training services are delivered by providing:

* Genuine compassion for our clients.

* Alignment with clients’ mission, values and goals.

* Flexibility in meeting the unique and specific needs of clients.

*Services that are respectful of the individual and cultural diversity.

* Professionalism and accountability to our clients.

* Honouring individual strengths

*Drawing up the groups' collective wisdom.

* Providing linkages to external opportunities and resources.

*Commitment to those we serve with passion and integrity.