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Maria Conde

Winnipeg, R2G 0M2

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Winnipeg, R2G 0M2

About Maria Conde

If you’re committed to making a real change in any area of your life, I want to give you the best possible chance of making it happen.

Maybe you’ve got a big income goal, a desire to leave your career to be an entrepreneur or want to make a major change in your life that brings you more purpose.

My L.E.A.P. to Freedom Program and non-traditional coaching style combines strategic planning and action taking while focusing on values and life balance. I help them to remove their fears and limiting beliefs so they can live in their fullest expression of themselves. I am able to see the potential in people and help them bring all their gifts forward to this world!

I work with high-achieving individuals who are feeling overwhelmed and burned out. They have big visions, a strong desire for more in life and want to live powerfully on their own terms. They want to create an extraordinary life of health, wealth & freedom.

I'm certified as Life and Wellness Coach as well as a CPA with 30+ years of business and leadership experience. If you're looking for someone to hold you accountable, who has the right systems and can give you the support to follow your dreams, I'm right here for you and would like to help you reach your highest potential.

I am the best selling author of Women Rising and author of Morning Magic Gratitude & Success Journal.

"Maria sees the potential in each individual and helps them to reach their professional and personal goals. She identified my weakness and pulled me out of my comfort zone. She always comes to me with wise advice and powerful words. As a great leader with excellent coaching skills, Maria earns my highest recommendation." ~ Fonnia Guo