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Kimberlee Moster

Burlington, Wisconsin, 53105

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Burlington, Wisconsin, 53105
United States

About Kimberlee Moster

Are you living on the "hamster wheel"--always going but feeling like you are not enjoying your work or life? Are your relationships not healthy or fulfilling? Do you feel like you may need to make a change either personally or professionally but are terrified to take the next step? Or do you feel exhausted from always putting others needs before yours and now YOUR emotional "cup" is empty? I can help you to navigate your way off the career "hamster wheel," find joy in your relationships, learn to say "no" without guilt and improve confidence and self esteem.

My clients would say that I take a very authentic and compassionate approach in my work with them, and can also see the benefit of humor in the journey. I am an ICF Accredited Master Certified Life Coach and this training and experience allows me to assist clients in forward life movement. I specialize in creating healthy change and improving relationships, as I feel these are core aspects of life. When our relationships are thriving, the work is good, we feel balanced, and there is joy and happiness at home and professionally.

My work at Journey Solution partners with clients to empower and make life transformations to attain the goals that have felt out of reach. Our power to make life changes lie within all of us, but we often need the support of a Life Coach to assist us in connecting the dots. I meet clients where they are at in this journey. My specialties include finding purpose, managing change, improving communication and relationships, setting boundaries, and becoming our authentic selves in all life areas.

I bring a different perspective to my Life Coaching, as I am also a Licensed Psychotherapist, and owner of my own business start-up. Coaching and Therapy are very different processes and while coaching does not treat mental illness, it instead focuses on wellness, growth and getting unstuck in patterns that no longer serve us. Free phone consultation provided to see that we are a good fit