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Leah M Ward

Raleigh, 27605

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Raleigh, 27605

About Leah M Ward

Business & Lifestyle Coaching - Certified Professional Development Coach with a passion for helping others succeed through self awareness and connection in authentic leadership development, personal and professional accountability, coaching the connection through life transitions, financial empowerment, and individual and team communication training and diversity awareness with DISC+Values assessments. Passionately coaching through mindful resilience helps to work closely with entrepreneurs, small businesses, executives, teams and individuals personally and professionally.

Experience with virtually and in person training, workshops and coaching to build self awareness, deeper understanding and the ability to help identify our own behaviors and communication preferences to help grow with effectiveness and success. I love taking key coaching methods and partnering with clients in a though-provoking and creative processes to help inspire them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Transitioning from a 15+ year career in the corporate financial industry to now professional coaching, I spent my earlier career helping financially manage, consult and build successful financial futures for my teams. Through this, I've built financial tools, models and stability for multiple small businesses, corporate groups and departments. My passion is rooted in helping teams and companies be as successful individually and financially as possible.

Speciality building significant self awareness and understanding with individuals, entrepreneurs, empowerment for men & women, financial empowerment coaching plans, communication diversity for teams and executives to set the stage for ultimate growth, success and happiness.