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Ellen Burgan


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About Ellen Burgan

Has the hectic life of motherhood or a career left you at the bottom of your own priority list? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions and not feeling fulfilled?

You’re busy, committed to the people you love, and have a complete life. Yet you feel overwhelmed (maybe even paralyzed) and not sure who your authentic self is anymore. Perfectionism, people-pleasing, or self-doubt may have you second guessing your best ideas.

Deep down you know it’s time for a change. That can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone.

As a Joy Coach, I will help you let go of the fear and self-doubt that is holding you back so you can take intentional action to fill your life with more joy and meaning than ever before.

Are you ready to uncover the clarity of what YOU truly want for your life, a plan to achieve your new goals, and the confidence to take action?

I’ll help you step out of your comfort zone, experience a little fear, and get inner joy.

Overwhelm, worry, and exhaustion are a few symptoms of fear. Once you understand how fear causes you to behave in a way that doesn't support your goals, we will make a plan for how you can honor that fear AND use it to tap into your true inner self, your inner joy.

You’ll have clarity, confidence, and courage to achieve your goals and dreams.

It’s time to invest in yourself so that you can get the life you want and deserve. And then you will naturally be a better partner, parent, professional, and friend.

After over thirty years in the business world, a big change happened for me when I found the Fearless Living program. It gave me the tools, skills, and support to make life changes. I left my unfulfilling career and fearlessly pursued something I am passionate about. I built my inner joy, and will help you do the same.

I am a Certified Fearless Living Coach, certified by the Fearless Living Institute. It will be my honor to guide you to live with intention and build your inner joy!