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Ray LeCara Jr


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About Ray LeCara Jr

A coach, trainer, teacher, motivational speaker, film producer, and author, Ray LeCara Jr has worked in the academic and personal coaching/advising space for nearly thirty years.  He has helped clients in over 20 different countries and from over 40 different states in the thousands of classes, presentations, and sessions he has given.

As the founder and director of Authentic Embassy,  LeCara helps people of all ages tap into their unrealized or unfulfilled potential by first helping them realize who they are at their core. Simon Sinek likes to ask why. LeCara asks who: Who are you, really?

At any age, the profound impact from living and leading authentically, out loud, is life-changing, healing, and transformational.  

“Know that you are not alone. Know that your time is now. It IS POSSIBLE to feel empowered, more confident, and more connected. You already possess that ability, that power. You just need to tap into the most authentic version of you.”

— Ray LeCara Jr