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Jennifer Loehding

Owner at Life by Design
Dallas, Texas

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Life by Design
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    Dallas, Texas
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    About Jennifer Loehding

    Are you an entrepreneur seeking to start or grow your business? 

    Do you dream of achieving success but find yourself facing various challenges along the way? 

    You're not alone. Many entrepreneurs like you aspire for greatness but are often held back by limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, and a need for more sustainable architecture within their businesses. I can relate to the struggles and obstacles you may be facing because I've been there myself.

     Let me share my story with you. In 2012, I was diagnosed with a rare nerve condition affecting the nerves on the left side of my face while actively growing my thriving business. It is a debilitating disease that left me searching for answers and relief. For four long years, I found myself in and out of doctors' offices, desperately trying to find a solution. 

    After countless disappointments, I realized that traditional medicine alone wasn't going to help me recover fully. I decided to take a holistic approach, and that's when everything changed. Through perseverance and a deep commitment to my well-being, I successfully put my nerve condition into remission and could discontinue all medications. During this time, I realized how vital our well-being is to all areas of our lives.

    This transformational journey inspired me to become a marathon runner, embrace transcendental meditation, and become a lifelong learner. Along the way, I immersed myself in various coaching programs and eventually became a certified life coach. Today, I use my unique experiences and expertise to guide entrepreneurs like you in developing healthy habits, increasing productivity, and achieving work-life harmony.

    I firmly believe that everything begins with the right mindset. To find true harmony in all areas of our lives, we must first master our thoughts. By recognizing and overcoming limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors, we can pave the way for success. We can learn an appropriate architecture to help us grow and sustain our businesses. I will share with you the techniques that guided me through my recovery and entrepreneurial journey while balancing my family's needs.

    But let's address the concerns that you might have right now. You might be wondering why, with all your effort and determination, you haven't achieved the level of success you desire. Trust me; it's not your fault. Entrepreneurship is a complex and challenging path; sometimes we all need a guide to help us navigate the obstacles and reach our full potential.

    That's where I come in. My coaching approach combines mindset mastery, goal-setting, lifestyle changes, and healthy habits. But remember, sustainable change comes from making small, consistent adjustments. Together, we will cultivate a powerful mindset that will allow you to transcend challenges and goals and instead focus on tracking your long-term success.

    So, why should you consider working with me? 

    Well, apart from my extensive experience and unique journey, I also have a wealth of success stories from entrepreneurs I've worked with in the past. They have achieved remarkable results by implementing the strategies and techniques I've taught them.

    Imagine what your future could look like if you continue on your current path. Will it lead you closer to your goals and dreams, or will it only make things worse? Now, picture a different scenario. Envision a future where you have clarity of mind, effective strategies, and unwavering support to overcome any obstacle standing in your way.

    Let's face those obstacles head-on. Whether it's a rival philosophy, self-doubt, or external challenges, together, we will break through anything that stands in your way. I am here to help you rise above and achieve the success you deserve.

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