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Jennifer Loehding

Specialties: Entrepreneurship Coaching, Business Coaching, Life Coaching

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to start or grow your business?  Do you dream of achieving success but find yourself facing various challenges along

Dallas, Texas, United States
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Mike Van Pelt

Specialties: Life Coaching

My name is Mike Van Pelt, and I am known as the Comeback Coach. My experience and passion for coaching, guiding, and mentoring men has come from my involvement

Kennesaw, Georgia, 30152, United States

Sheila Darling

Specialties: Life Coaching

Embracing Change With Joy MY COACHING Change is inevitable, and it can be scary.  And it is always possible for us to use the transition to create

Webster, 14519

Dave White

Specialties: Life Coaching

I help others, like you, to get the control, make the calls, manage the pressure, and seize the winning results they want. It's my honor to inspire

Los Angeles, California, United States

Jennifer Anderson

Specialties: Life Coaching

We save marriages, relationships, and lives!!


Natalie Hormann

Specialties: Life Coaching

Coachess helping leaders create change for good I provide professional coaching and training experiences for executives and people leaders at all levels


Paula Cormier

Specialties: Life Coaching

Paula Cormier is a transformational life coach. She is also a top level corporate trainer with many years of experience. Paula incorporates many spiritual

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Janelle Cameron

Specialties: Life Coaching

Present role is to assist others to change their thinking. I believe your mindset is at the core of success. I can work in the environment that best suits

Jill Garaffa

Specialties: Life Coaching

I help stressed out healthcare workers build resiliency to stay in healthcare; and help burned out healthcare workers transform their skills, passions and

Jackson, New Jersey, United States

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